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Hi everyone, I am the Managing Partner at Barasch & McGarry, the leading Victim Compensation (VCF) law firm. We represented James Zadroga, the NYPD Det. for whom the VCF was originally named, and we now represent over 15,000 other World Trade Center responders and survivors (downtown office workers, residents, students and teachers).

Our firm was instrumental in the fight to get the Zadroga Act passed in 2010, and in the fight to get it reauthorized in 2015 and permanently extended just recently this year. We have recovered over $2 billion on behalf of thousands of our clients. Many of our clients have asked me to help spread the word about the free health care and significant compensation being offered by the U.S. Government. The WTC Health Program has linked 68 cancers and a host of respiratory illnesses to the WTC toxins. Over 10,000 people in the 9/11 community have been diagnosed with the WTC cancers, and over 2,000 have had their deaths linked to those cancers.

Were you in downtown Manhattan on 9/11, or during the 8 months following?

If so, you would be eligible for free health care and compensation once your illness is certified by the WTC Health Program. According to the Health Program, the most common WTC-linked cancers are prostate cancer, skin cancers (Basal, Squamous, Melanoma), breast cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer. The most common respiratory illnesses are pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, interstitial lung disease, asthma, GERD, COPD, sinusitis and sleep apnea.

Please share this information with everyone who was exposed to the 9/11 toxic dust and might not know about the presumed link of their illness to the World Trade Center toxins, and the benefits that they are entitled to. While there are strict deadlines, please let your friends know that if their spouse died of a 9/11-related cancer, it’s likely not too late for them to make a claim. If you have any questions, I invite you to visit my firm’s website at

Or, feel free to call me at 212-385-8000.

Naturally, all consultations are free. It is a privilege to represent the 9/11 Community.

Thank you for helping us spread the word.

Mike Barasch